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Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Are you tired of dealing with excessive and stubborn hair? Does it just seem to keep coming and coming no matter what you do to get rid of it? Well, at Kaaya MedSpa in Langhorne, PA. we have a revolutionary treatment that uses the power of laser-light technology to reduce those hairs. Laser Hair Removal is an FDA approved procedure that targets hair follicles using light to stop rapid superfluous hair growth.*

benefits of laser hair removal

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser Hair Removal is a medical process which uses lasers-or intense pulsating beams of light-to remove excess hair. This process targets the individual hair follicles within the skin. It treats the excess hair follicles by using intense heat to damage the follicles. Intense heat from the lasers work to inhibit future hair growth within the body, over time giving the skin a polished and hairless appearance.*

How Does it Work?

During the process of laser hair removal, laser beams pass through the skin to the individual follicles. It pinpoints dark pigmentation on the body, i.e. darker colored hair, and flashes light to destroy them. It also impedes any future growth of hair after the treatments are completed. Laser Hair Removal is more effective on people who have lighter to medium skin tone and dark hairs, because it sees the darker-hair pigmentation. However, advances in technology has made it able to it work on darker skin tones and some lighter colored hairs. Individual results may vary in each patient.

What are the Benefits of Laser Hair Removal?

There are many benefits when it comes to why a person should choose laser hair removal over any other treatments. While the final aim of hair removal is to remove excess hair, and impede the growth thereof, the real goal should be to stop hair regrowth. Laser Hair Removal is the only procedure that has given proven results to stop hair regrowth. But there are other benefits of Laser Hair Removal which prove how beneficial it is to receive this treatment:

  • Time Effective- This procedure is purported to be quicker than other hair removal treatments such as electrolysis. It is called a ‘lunchtime’ procedure due to its speed. Patients can get their treatment and then go about their day.
  • Effectiveness- Unlike other hair removal treatments, laser hair procedures have been proven to be effective in large areas. This includes the backs or the legs which can have large gatherings of hair.
  • Painless- Patients have reported only mild discomfort when compared to other treatments such as waxing, plucking, tweezing, or electrolysis.
  • Results- When it comes to treating excess hair by laser removal, patients report amazing results. Patients have reported seeing greatly reduced hair growth or even permanent hair reduction.
  • Cost Saving- Using this treatment is also highly cost-effective. While at first it may appear expensive-anywhere from $300-900- it saves in the long run. Where shaving, waxing, and other procedures can cost up to thousands! The cost of other treatments accumulates over time making the treatments far more expensive.

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

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