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What is Botox?

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Botox has become the number one cosmetic treatment in the United States. It’s the first dermal injection to become FDA approved, and over the years has become a household name. Now it’s offered in our offices located in Langhorne, PA (near Trenton). It can be used to treat several things, including ocular muscle spasms, problems with eye coordination, migraines and severe armpit perspiration; however, it is mostly used as an anti-wrinkling agent.

What Happens During a Consultation?

Scheduling a consultation is the first step if you are interested in Botox treatments. During a consultation, a doctor can analyze your skin and determine the best treatment for you. You can also use this time to address any concerns you may have regarding any options for treatment. The doctor will also use this time to go over pre-treatment and post-treatment instructions. You may also be asked about your health history and allergies.

What’s the Procedure?

This procedure includes injecting Botulinum Toxin Type A, or Botox, into the targeted area at several different sites. Botox paralyzes certain muscles that cause wrinkles, interrupting their contraction. This prevents wrinkles from forming when you are being expressive– wrinkles that over time could become permanent if not treated. When wrinkles become permanent, they will always show, regardless of expression. Wrinkles are typically reduced by 80% after Botox injections, but individual results vary.

What Happens After the Procedure?

The full results will be seen within a week and will last at least three months. Side effects are mild, and there is often no interruption to daily life the day of the procedure.

botox langhorne

Side Effects

Side effects may include redness, swelling, itchiness, soreness, or firmness of the treated area. These effects should be short-lived, lasting no longer than perhaps a week. On occasion, a doctor may advise the patient to stay out of the sun. If you believe that you are experiencing more serious effects, or you are observing side effects weeks after the injections, then you should contact your doctor for instructions and a follow up appointment.

What Now?

You should contact our Langhorne based office (near Trenton and Newtown, PA) to schedule a consultation, where a specialist can analyze your skin and discuss treatment options with you. Any concerns you have regarding this treatment, or other treatments you may be interested in can also be addressed during a consultation.

*The cost varies depending on the doctor, the region, and the extent of the treatment. Individual results also may vary, depending on your skin and the amount of injections administered.


*Individual results vary depending on the patient’s skin and how the injections are administered.

Botox services for Langhorne, Philadelphia, Trenton and Levittown.


$15 per unit

1st and 3rd Wed $10/unit*

*(20 or more units)


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