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Breast Augmentation

Are your breasts lacking? Do you feel that that you’re breasts aren’t enhancing your shape and instead seem to detract from it? Don’t stuff, tape or contour your breasts any longer! Kaaya Med Spa located near Philadelphia, has the solution for you. Breast Augmentation Surgery. Breast Augmentation Surgery, can lift and shape your breasts to give you, your desired shape. This surgery will give you the confidence to wear that low-cut outfit and show them off without worry. So, don’t waste another minute and see what our clinic and this surgery can do for you!

What is a Breast Augmentation Surgery? 

A Breast Augmentation surgery involves using breast implants or fat to increase the size of a woman’s breast. It augments-or enhances them-to the woman’s desired size.

How does the procedure work? 


First, before the surgery you’ll have a consultation with your doctor about the process. Then they will show you before and after photos of the outcomes of their work. After which, they will ask you what size you are thinking about and make some suggestions. During the surgery, the process is broken down as follows:

  1. Anesthesia- a general and intravenous anesthetic is given to the patient. Because this is an invasive surgery, to provide comfort the patient will be asleep.
  1. The Incision- This process can go one of 3 ways. Depending on the doctor, the incision will be one of 3 or 4. The arm pit, around the areola, or the fold underneath the breast.
  1. Implant incision- Once the incision is made, the doctor will then insert the implant behind the muscle or above. This depends on the doctor’s discretion about what will work best.

Why should you get a breast implant? 

There are many reasons that a woman may decide to get a breast augmentation. Whether it is for purely cosmetic reasons, boosting your self-esteem, rebuilding breasts after a mastectomy, or just because. At Kaaya Med Spa, our staff can assist you with achieving your desired outcome. Dr. Vasisht, is a highly-trained plastic surgeon at Kaaya Med Spa who is one of the best in his field. He has performed numerous plastic surgeries and breast augmentations and is dedicated to fulfill your needs.

About our clinic

Kaaya Med Spa is located near Philadelphia. We are a state of the art medical spa that blends, health, wellness and aesthetics. Our staff consists of highly trained doctors who are skilled in nonsurgical aesthetic treatment to plastic surgery. Our versatility and combined skills truly help patients achieve the look they desire. So, don’t hesitate to contact us and make your dreams come true.

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