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Meditation & Hypnotherapy Classes

Come join us for our weekly session of relaxation and positive intention at Kaaya Med Spa, instructed by Melissa Pickergill. Melissa is a life coach certified in Advanced Hypnotherapy and Meditation.

Meditation Classes will be held every Tuesday afternoon 4:00pm – 5:00pm

Cost $10.00 per person per session. Appointments prefered, call to reserve your spot today.


Here at Kaaya Medical Spa in Langhorne, PA we offer hypnotherapy as one of our treatments to aid in behavioral changes. Hypnotherapy plays a huge role in human conditioning and has become one of the best solutions for behavioral change.

Thankfully, the opposite is also true, because no thought is immutable. Hypnotherapy successfully empowers you to quickly and easily achieve your desired “change” by eliminating intrusive and bad thought cycles.  The method, “mirroring perspective,” is a combination of life coaching and hypnotherapy that assists you in letting go of the bad thoughts.

Hypnotherapist, Pierre Janet (1858-1947), coined the term “subconscious” and introduced a modern understanding of how your past experiences are responsible for your present thinking; especially during emotional battles/struggle with: weight loss, smoke cessation, pain, anxiety, focus, self-awareness, invisible disabilities, negative intrusive thoughts, self-worth, expectations, your identity, etc.

Positive thinkers are perceived as successful people who accomplish their goals and who attract happy people into their lives. Positive thoughts also precede positive behaviors, so if your behavior is not in sync with what you are thinking, it’s more than likely because of little words you either consciously or subconsciously think.

“To heal, you must first acknowledge.”

Lesser traumas are more easily forgotten consciously than major life traumas. The subconscious mind is your long term memory bank that never forgets any detail of all your past experiences and the “feeling(s)” associated with the event as and how it was experienced.  It is very much the same “feeling” from the forgotten memory, which resurfaces in your present as that “gut feeling” or “intuition” that you also cannot explain.

The good news is that any obtrusive thought cycle(s) you identify as intrusive to your success, your mind-body’s physical genetic design (DNA) will kill off the brain cells causing them; thus removing hindering thought cycle(s).

Yes, “you” can “choose” to “change” your thoughts and your emotional responses.

The responsibility of the hypnotherapist is to guide you through the process, however, only you have the power to accept the hypnotherapist’s new suggestions and mirroring perspective(s).  Consider your hypnotherapist as a voice with no more power over you then the voice you accept guided instructions from on your GPS.

Usually, a hypnotherapist will provide an environment that enhances a sense of calmness and safety for you while inducing a trance state (alpha), so that you can safely and by your own free will accept positive suggestion(s)/trigger(s). You and your hypnotherapist identify these suggestions and triggers previous to hypnosis induction.  You cannot “let go” of inhibiting feelings or thoughts until the thought cycle(s) is extinguished in its entirety; which is why the therapy is a process. However, you must trust yourself as your brain changes thought cycles. Will-power is real, but goes unacknowledged or identified as the source of your potential. Here at Kaaya Medical Spa, we are committed in aiding you with increasing your will-power.

You can choose to change any conditioning that you believe prevents you from living the life you envision.

Mind-body science has proven hypnotherapy as an effective, natural psychotherapy tool, inherit within “you” already.  You can take charge of your life and decision-making; thus implement change today by re-writing more amiable thought cycles that trigger success inducing emotional and behavioral responses.

Conscious awareness and mirrored perspective initiates healing for your mind, body and soul.

Healing begins with acknowledgement. I’m grateful and thankful for your trust in us to facilitate your desired changes when you choose to author the next chapter of your life!

If you would like to know more about how to utilize hypnosis to change your life, and want to speak with a licensed hypnotherapist. Please contact us at Kaaya Medical Spa or visit any of our other locations in Langhorne, Newtown, and Trenton, PA.

*Disclaimer: Hypnosis may vary in each individual

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