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What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a solution for Langhorne, PA residents with noticeable, unwanted hair in places such as the face, arms, legs and back. Thick, dark hair grows and often leaves people self-conscious. While there are temporary solutions such as shaving or waxing, laser hair removal is a relatively painless solution with longer lasting results. Learn more about the benefits of laser hair removal here.

Before Treatment

Before coming in for your laser treatment, the specialist you see for consultation may ask you to do a few things to prepare. It’s best to avoid plucking and waxing, the laser need to be able to find follicles to work effectively. You may also need to use skin lightening cream in the weeks preceding the treatment if you have a dark complexion. Clean skin with no oil or lotion is preferred for best possible results, so you should also avoid applying either of those on the day of your appointment. The doctor/specialist will go over all of these instructions and more with you during a consultation.

What is Treatment like?

Lasers target hair follicles and eliminate or significantly hinder hair from growing back. A laser produces a beam of highly concentrated light. During the laser hair removal procedure, the light from the laser passes through the skin and gets absorbed by the color located in the hair follicles. The laser pulses long enough to vaporize the pigment, halting several follicles at a time. This process can take as little as 30 minutes out of your day. Afterwards, you can expect to go about your daily routine.

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How many Treatments do I need?

For most patients, multiple sessions are usually needed to achieve the best results. However, some patients find significant improvements, such as hair reduction, or a decrease in thickness, after one visit, enough to be satisfied with their appearance. If you are advised to receive multiple sessions, it’s best to be consistent if you want to have a successful overall treatment. Treatments are usually spaced about 4 weeks apart. If you want permanent/long-lasting results, then lack of consistency can be detrimental. Individual results may vary in each patient.

What are the Side Effects?

Side effects are mild and typically short-term. Some common effects are redness, skin irritation, environmental sensitivity, pigment changes, and discomfort.

*Results vary in each individual. Number of treatments for long-last results vary.

What Now?

If you live in or around Langhorne or Philadelphia (near Trenton, Levittown and Newtown), meet with one of our doctors to discuss your desired results as well as different options available to you. During this time, we will review your medical history, as well as a conduct a physical examination to explain the various risks and limitations associated with laser hair removal based on your specific conditions.


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