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Semi-Permanent Makeup

Do you want to save time in the morning? Do you want to say, “I woke up like this”? When you do makeup, it may take anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour, maybe even more. If you live near Langhorne, Pennsylvania, then semi-permanent at Kaaya MedSpa may be a great option for you!

semi-permanent makeup langhorne

What can semi-permanent makeup be used for?

Semi-permanent makeup may be beneficial in a variety of ways. As mentioned earlier, the semi-permanent makeup may be used to save time. Unlike permanent makeup, the results of semi-permanent makeup may last up to 3 years, so you have the option to change your mind in regards to the color or whether you even want to repeat the procedure. In addition, you may also save money. Rather than spending money to keep a supply of a particular makeup product, the makeup is already applied, so there’s no need to buy the product to create the look you already have.

What is the procedure like?

The application of semi-permanent makeup is done into the skin, similar to that of the tattoo experience. The pigment is injected into a deeper layer of the dermis so that the color is retained for an extended period of time. After the design and pigment is discussed thoroughly with one of our licensed aestheticians, the needle is dipped into the ink and injected. After the procedure, the area may feel uncomfortable, but you can always ask if you can have a topical anesthetic applied to ease any possible discomfort that you may experience.

What makeup can I get tattooed?

The two areas that we offer semi-permanent makeup for are the eyes and lips. Some of the different looks that can be done may include eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipliner, and lipstick. To start, applying makeup is already a difficult task as it is, and with semi-permanent makeup, you will be sure that your look is effortless and consistent. Not only can it keep your look consistent, but it can also be used to give your lips a more even appearance of an extra flush of color.

Is there something that may prevent me from this procedure? Are there any side effects?

There are not many things that can prevent you from this type of procedure. A factor that may prevent you from this is an allergy to the pigment used. Some swelling and redness may occur, but these effects generally do not last long. Lastly, it is important to keep the treated area clean to avoid the risk of infection.


If you think that semi-permanent makeup is right for you, then you should call us at 215-757-5292 to schedule a consultation or appointment. We at Kaaya MedSpa look forward to seeing you!


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