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Millions of people undergo acupuncture every year – a procedure that has gained popularity in the U.S. for its therapeutic and cosmetic benefits. Every day, more and more people discover what the Asian culture has embraced for thousands of years. It is a safe and relatively painless procedure that we offer here in Langhorne, and it has profound health and wellness benefits.

What is Acupuncture?

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Acupuncture is recognized as a form of alternative medicine that works to treat symptoms and ailments by stimulating specific points throughout the body. These points are thought to correspond with the body’s qi, which traditional Chinese culture defines as the “energy of life.” Very fine needles are placed superficially throughout the body, working to balance the body’s qi. In addition to symptom relief and cosmetic benefits, acupuncture patients often describe feeling invigorated and revitalized following a treatment session.*

Therapeutic Acupuncture

Acupuncture is best known for its therapeutic advantages. Historically, the treatment has been used specifically to treat pain caused by injuries and degenerative diseases, as well as headaches, anxiety, depression and neurological conditions like multiple sclerosis. Even patients who are not ill or experiencing symptoms can benefit from the therapeutic advantages of acupuncture. Many believe the treatment can heighten the body’s natural immunity and ability to fight disease.*

Cosmetic Acupuncture

The benefits of this treatment goes beyond health. The body’s skin and appearance tend to reflect the health of the inside. Often, blemishes, acne, dull skin and wrinkles are caused by stress, anxiety and a weakened immune system. When these underlying conditions are addressed by acupuncture, the skin may begin to appear younger, more even-toned and even “glowing.”*

*Results vary in each individual.

For more information on this treatment, or any other treatment you may be interested in, feel free to contact our office! We’re located in Langhorne, PA (near Newtown and Trenton).

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